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Do you have a vision of a lush green lawn that is the envy of your street but have been unable to achieve this yourself? You likely need the knowledge of an expert to help make this dream become a reality for you. Our team at Missoula Landscaping Company are well known for the quality installations of our sod and turf as well as for our professional guidance on how to maintain it so that it looks its best all year around. Here we explain the areas in which our team of experts are able to assist you with sod and turf installations.

Front Yards

Front yards are the first impression that people have of your property, and also the people who are living in the home if they have not met you yet. This means that it is quite important to show that you have a well kept front yard that is being cared for. Having good quality sod and turn installations can help you with this, and paired with our other landscaping services are sure to leave a positive impression on anyone who either passes or approaches your property. These installations will need to be maintained to keep their appearance and the appearance of your property looking perfect at all times.

Back Yards

Back yards are more intimate than the front yards of our properties and time that we get to enjoy ourselves outside in the privacy of our own home. Whether you are looking for a nice lawn to enjoy for yourself, an area for the kids to play sport or to impress your friends and family when they come over for a summer barbeque, our team are able to help. We love lawns and providing our clients with a healthy and luscious green lawn is one of the things we enjoy most as we get to see their satisfaction and new sense of pride in their property.

Commercial Properties

The appearance of a commercial property is also exceptionally important as it reflects the care that is put into a business. People are more likely to go to a business if it is well maintained rather than one that is presented as run down, even if they do provide a better service. Our team want to make sure that the commercial clients of our local community are able to take advantage of the experts in the area and receive high quality sod and turf installations to ensure their business stands out in a positive way.


All lawns will require maintenance, and this is something that needs to be kept on top of to ensure that no damage is done to your new lawn. Lawn has a range of maintenance requirements that include the requirement for nutrition to keep it healthy as well as mowing to ensure that it does not become overgrown. Our team of professionals are always sure to advise our clients of the maintenance requirements relevant to their property so that they can get a long life out of their new turf.



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