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Hardscaping is the art of creating and building hard surfaces throughout your yard areas to further enhance your property. We create pathways to take you around your vegetable garden, clothes line or favorite sitting area, stairways to create an ease in transition for the different levels in your yard or front door, retaining walls that can be a feature rather than just a functional element as well as water features like fountains or ponds. Here we will explain how each of these can help to improve your property and how we go about creating unique elements for you.


Pathways around your property are a necessary requirement if you want to allow people to get around your property as well as back inside your home without trekking dirt and mud through your home when they enter back into it. Pathways can come in a range of different forms be it asphalt, pavers or pebbles. Our team are always eager to work with our clients to find what is best suited to their needs as well as the design of their property to make sure that the flow of the property is smooth and functional.


If you have a sloped block, it can often be much easier as well as more visibly pleasing to have a staircase installed. We are able to combine a staircase and pathway that flow seamlessly from the front of your property to the entrance of your home in a range of different designs. We are able to incorporate stone, asphalt, concrete, tiles, brick as well as any other element that you would like to include in the design of your stairways. We have a range of images that showcase the works we have done for previous clients to help provide inspiration for your property.


If your property has a significant slope, it can often be beneficial to create different layers to your yard. To make this look appealing, we are able to create retaining walls that fit into the area nicely. We can make these out of a range of different materials to suit the style of your landscaped area and property including stone, brick, timber or any other material that takes your fancy. Our team at Missoula Landscaping Company like to work with our clients to find a suitable solution for their property needs that reflects their personality and visual aesthetics.

Water Features

Water features can bring a calm and relaxing element to your yard and is something that has been quite popular for many decades. Water features can come in the form of ponds and fountains in a range of different styles and designs to suit your property. If you are looking for inspiration for your yard, please speak with one of our outdoor living experts to get some tips and advice on what you are able to achieve. We have a range of photos we can share from our previous projects which may assist this process.



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Missoula Landscaping Company

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