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Having your property landscaped can not only make it more enjoyable for you to enjoy coming back home, but can also significantly increase the value of your property. Our team are the experts in outdoor groundworks to create outdoor areas that you enjoy spending your time in, both for our residential and commercial clients. We work with both vegetation and hard surfaces to create whatever it is your heart desires to see in your yard areas that will create appeal for all who have the pleasure of seeing it.

Property Terrain

One of the first elements we have to take into consideration is the terrain of the property and whether there is a flat or sloped surface. If you have a flat surface, we are able to create one large area that flows through the entire space. If you have a sloped area, we are able to help you create different levels which can provide you with a feeling of more space and different zones for enjoyment. Our team are skilled in working with both flat and sloped surfaces to create spaces that our clients enjoy and are glad to show off.

Creating a Vision

Sometimes our clients come to us with a plan for what they would like to see for their yard, and others come to us for our expert opinion in design as we are well known for creating visually appealing spaces for our clients to enjoy, be it for a residential back yard or for the entrance to a commercial property. The design is quite dependent on the property terrain and the amount of space we have to work with, but regardless of it’s size, we are certain that we will be able to produce an area that you are proud of and enjoy looking at yourself.

Design Execution

Once the design has been set and we have settled on all the different elements that will be incorporated, it is then time that the real work starts. Firstly preparing the ground for the intended purpose is completed and then we start works on each of the different elements. Our team at Missoula Landscaping Company ensure that we keep open lines of communication with our clients so that they are kept up to date on the likely date of completion so that they are able to plan accordingly. We give an estimate at the start of the project, but the bigger it is, the more likely there will be delays of some sort.


When we have completed the creation of your landscaping, the professionals at Missoula Landscaping Company will always give guidance on how to keep it maintained. All vegetation grows, and at varying speeds, so you will need to ensure that you are keeping it maintained to avoid any overgrowth. We will set out a schedule of recommended maintenance for our clients and also provide these maintenance services for you, so that you can be sure it will be kept looking its best.



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Missoula Landscaping Company

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