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A professional landscaping company can turn your yard of dirt and overgrowth into something truly spectacular with their skills in earthworks and eye for design. By using a local landscaper, you will increase not only the appearance of your home but also its overall value. Presentation matters, especially when it comes to your family home. This is where a professional landscaper can help your home stand out from the rest on your street in the best possible way. After all, your landscaping is one of the first things arriving guests see! At Missoula Landscaping Company, we pride ourselves on doing just that and have done so for many homes and businesses throughout Missoula and the Bitterroot Valley.

About Us

We are a local Missoula landscaper servicing our friends and neighbors of Missoula and Ravalli Counties. We have been working in the industry of both commercial and residential landscaping for several years and have grown a reputation for ourselves that we are proud to hold. Being one of the most recommended landscapers in the area is a credit to the hard work, expertise, customer satisfaction, and passion we have for our work. To earn such a reputation, we take our customer satisfaction scores very seriously. The old saying of “the customer is always right” rings true in our company, as we know it is the customer who gets to create the look and feel of their home or business. It is simply our job to turn your vision into reality in creating a beautifully landscaped area for your commercial or residential property. Missoula is known for its small-town feel, despite how quickly it is growing, and we want to maintain our intimate and personal sense of business in that we treat every customer with as much value as we know how to. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

Our Services

As professional residential and commercial landscaping contractors, we offer a wide range of services that are sure to cover all of your possible landscaping needs. We assist in the design as well as execution of landscapes for our clients. We also offer design & installation of hardscaping, underground sprinkler installation, turf installation, not to mention lawn care, mowing, snow plowing, and removal. We have outlined the services that we have been landscaping Missoula with for quite some time and have provided more detailed information on these in the links dedicated to the individual service.

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Landscape Design

How do we evaluate your project?

By having a good planning session with you, we can develop several options to maximize the space to look as elegant as possible while staying within your budget. We take the time to sketch the design with you to provide further inspiration to create the final look.

It is a vital element of landscape design. Those landscape artists who fail to consider water drainage often design spaces that end up flooding, thus ruining the entire look. Water drainage is essential, especially during the rainy season and when it snows. Therefore, the design should facilitate proper movement of water away from your home.

Who, how, and when will you use your yard? These questions help to create the best designs for your yard. For starters, if you host often, then we will focus on hardscapes and proper lighting. We design different spaces based on who will be using your yard and how often you will be using it. Low maintenance options are best for people who do not spend a lot of time in the yard. We will also consider the occupants to create safe designs for everyone. If there is a fountain, we will make designs that will keep young kids and pets from getting into the water.

We have a good idea about our local Missoula climate, having worked in the area for a long time. However, we try to observe what your yard will receive from the weather changes based on its positioning. It will make it easier to develop a good design that receives sunshine or rain accordingly. While we are at it, we will examine the type of soil you have. That will give us a good idea of what plants will thrive in your yard and those that will not do well. Our goal is to come up with a beautiful design that is sustainable and meets your expectations. ​

Finally, we pay attention to struts or plants in your yard that you may want to keep. It is normal to have one thing you do not want to lose, even with new landscaping designs. You are probably worried that it will not fit into your desired plan. No worries, because this is a chance to exercise our creative side because we find ways to blend with everything else in the design. Whether it is a tree or a gazebo, we will work around it and find ways to include it in the theme. We strive for excellence, so we will make it work.


What are the benefits of hardscaping?

Your yard is impressive enough, so what could hardscaping do for you? Hardscaping comes with a lot of benefits to homeowners and commercial space owners. The non-living elements of landscaping have more to offer than you would think. So if you are thinking about adding hardscaping elements to your space, here is what you could enjoy.

One of the best things about hardscaping is it will boost your living space. You could build an outdoor space complete with indoor amenities such as a lounge area, indoor plumbing, a fireplace, and even a kitchen for barbecues with friends and family.

Thoughtful and useful hardscaping will help you improve your property value. Hardscaping is permanent and will require maintenance and repair. Therefore, with any hardscaping on your property, you will have an increase in value. That means you could set up a higher asking price should you put the house up for sale or rent. Renters and buyers love hardscape pieces, so your home will become more attractive.

Brick and stone walls are a good way of reducing the sun’s glare. You should invest in these things if you spend a lot of time outdoors but can feel the harmful effects of the sun. Also, these hardscape features will make your property feel more private. They create privacy for sunbathing away from onlookers and other activities. It also reduces noise pollution, ensuring that your space remains tranquil and relaxing.

Sure, you love your plants, but you have a hard time keeping up with maintenance. If you do not turn to a professional service for maintenance activities, you should consider hardscaping. You can select some areas with softscapes for hardscaping projects. It will significantly cut down maintenance, as hardscaping requires less effort and is not done as frequently.

Creating footpaths within your yard will direct foot traffic away from your plants. Since you are investing in landscaping, you should make efforts to preserve its beauty. If people step on your plants, you will be losing your investment. Redirecting foot traffic elsewhere will protect your landscaping. It will also help create a charming aesthetic, especially if you choose to add path lights or overhead lights.

Your specific theme and style may not be complete without hardscaping elements. A good landscaper will help you determine which hardscaping structures will help create a particular vibe for your yard. Whatever your needs, a few hardscaping features and strategically placed lights will help to build an aesthetic. Best of all, it will make your yard more attractive. Next time you host people over, there are sure to notice and shower you with compliments.

Still not convinced? Why don’t you check out our portfolio of successful jobs! We pride ourselves on our work and would love for you to join our community of satisfied customers.

Sod and Turf Installation

Why is sod better than growing a lawn from seed?

Sod grass is held by a root system and sometimes biodegradable material. After 10 to 18 months of growing, Sod is harvested and sold in square slabs or rolled up rectangles. This type of grass is convenient and reliable. It is a great competitor to traditional methods of planting grass. Here are the benefits of installing a sod lawn instead of sticking to conventional methods.

It is one of the most common reasons why people choose a sod lawn. You do not have to wait months to enjoy your luscious green law when you decide to Sod. When you get Sod, you will have a head start on using your lawn. You could get Sod today and host a barbecue the following day. Seed yards take about 18 months to grow, and your yard will have to suffer an unsightly appearance for this whole time. Also, you will not be able to use the lawn to prevent interrupting the growth pattern and rate of the grass. Sod cuts this time and gives you the use of the yard immediately.

Once you see Sod, you will notice the difference compared to personally-grown grass. Sod is grown by professionals, meaning it will look much better. More than that, it will be healthier. Professionals have the right knowledge to grow and harvest the grass, ensuring that it is green, well-trimmed, and healthy. Many sod farms will not harvest until they receive an order, thereby preserving the freshness of the grass. Its natural and attractive look remains a favorite among people with an eye for landscaping.

Compared to seed lawns, Sod requires less water attention. Seed lawns require more watering or irrigation to help with germination and promote growth. That means watering at least four times a day to keep the ground optimally moist. Sod, on the other hand, will require watering twice a day, two weeks after planting, to keep it in good condition. It means less work for you and less water consumption.

Another advantage of using Sod is the effect it has on the soil. If you have issues with dust, using Sod will keep the dust from your lawn at bay. The same goes for if you have mud problems when it starts to rain. Sod is an effective way of dealing with soil erosion. Because it is fully grown, it will curb the effects of soil erosion on your yard. Also, you can get rid of these problems quickly thanks to the convenience it offers.

Sod lawns are beautiful and have proven to be a favorite among potential buyers. If your house goes on the market, you stand at getting a higher price because of your investment.

Some people steer clear of sod, believing that it is fake. We, as experts in landscaping, reassure you that it is natural and beautiful. With our help, you could get a sod lawn at an affordable price. What’s more, our installation services will help to create a beautiful aesthetic. Our technicians have an eye for design, and you will be happy with the way your new lawn looks. A key component to sod and turf installation is properly preparing the ground before installation. If you need help with this, please give us a call, and we can provide you with a free estimate on ground preparation services.

Lawn Care and Mowing

Snow Plowing and Removal

Underground Sprinkler Installation

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